This event has ended. Thank you for helping to clean up the lakes!

What was once a beautifully clear body of water is now a huge mess! Endless piles of muck and garbage fill the waters of Talityl Lakes, posing a threat to the wildlife and residents of surrounding areas.

Well, it looks like there's only one thing we can do — time to start cleaning up! Grab your fishing nets and put on some heavy duty gloves, because we've got a lot of work ahead of us.

Sign up down below if you'd like to do your part! There's more than enough work to go around, so we'd appreciate a helping hand.

Cleaning Talytil Lakes - Clean Lake Image

Terrafrostians will also be able to unlock additional stretch goals once the main goal is complete. This will mean additional prizes! However, this also means prizes will not be given out unless the stretch goal is reached. All prizes can be collected at the end of the event! Additionally, there is a minimum requirement to receive prizes.

This event is no longer active.